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I want/need to be tested for corona. What do I do?

You will need 2 things:

  • an appointment at one of our screening stations
  • a CTPC code

1. Make an appointment

A COVID-19 PCR test is only possible by appointment. You can be tested in our lab - route 71.

The quickest and easiest way to make an appointment is via or via the Mynexuz app (Android and iOS). Or you can call 057 35 70 47.

The screening center is open during the week from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. and at weekends from 8.30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

2. Request a CTPC code

To be tested you need a CTPC code (Corona Test Prescription Code). You will receive the CTPC code if, after completing the self-evaluation tool (in Dutch, also available in French and German), it appears that you may be infected with the coronavirus. You can also get the CTPC code from contact tracing or possibly from your GP. But don't just call your doctor to ask for a CTPC code, be sure to fill in the self-evaluation tool first! More info can be found here.

Bring the text message with this CTPC code to the screening station when you come for your test. The CTPC code for a test is valid for 30 days.

You can find the result of your test after approximately 24 hours on your digital corona certificate. Download the app here. You can also find the test result on, in the Mynexuzhealth app and on

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Will my procedure or consultation continue?

Do not decide on your own initiative to postpone care! This is always done in consultation with your treating doctor. You will always be called by the secretariat of your doctor if the appointment is moved to a later date. So don't just assume that an intervention or treatment will be cancelled.

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How do I prepare for a consultation, an admission or a blood draw?

  • Suspected symptoms of the corona virus? Stay at home! If you have mild complaints (sneezing, runny nose, mild fever) we advise to fill in the self-evaluation tool (in Dutch, also available in French and German), there you will find out whether it is appropriate to have yourself tested. Do you have mild complaints? Then don't call your GP. Do contact a doctor if you have serious complaints.
  • It is preferable for you to come alone to your consultation admission or to a blood draw in our lab. Maximum one unique companion is allowed. Also at the emergency department, only one unique companion is allowed, unless the patient is admitted to traumacare. In that case, no companion is allowed as social distancing is not possible there.
    The same hygiene and safety measures apply to both patients and those accompanying them.
  • Adhere to strict hand and cough hygiene please. Upon entering and leaving the hospital, everyone has to disinfect their hands. There are sufficient dispensers with disinfectant in the hospital. If you have to cough, do this into the crook of your elbow. Please do not wear gloves (including disposable gloves) at the hospital. This to enable correct hand hygiene and disinfection.
  • Apply social distancing throughout the hospital. Keep sufficient distance from doctors, staff and other patients. Not all seats are available in the waiting rooms to make this possible.
  • Don't come too early or too late for your consultation or appointment: make sure you are at the hospital a maximum of 30 minutes in advance. This is in order to make all appointments go as smooth and spread out as possible.

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May I come and visit? Which guidelines apply?

You can find our guidelines here.

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My family member or acquaintance needs to come for consultation, has an appointment at the day hospital or at the lab for a blood draw. Can I accompany him or her?

We ask you to come alone to your consultation, appointment or blood draw. Maximum one unique companion is allowed in the cases where it is necessary that the patient have assistance (e.g. minors, less mobile patient, people with a cognitive impairment, etc.).

At the gynaecology department, you are allowed to be accompanied by someone during the pregnancy.

Outpatient clinics: only one accompanying person is allowed to bring the patient to the outpatient clinic and to pick up the patient. The accompanying person must leave the department after bringing the patient. Exceptions to this are only possible in consultation with the physician or department.

On discharge of a hospitalised patient, only one accompanying person may pick up the patient from the department.

Obviously, the chaperone must wear a face mask at all times and observe the correct hand hygiene (disinfecting the hands when entering and leaving the hospital). Always observe social distancing wherever possible.

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Do I still have to wear a mouth mask?

Patients and visitors are no longer required to wear a mouth mask in our hospital. Some exceptions:

  • Obviously, you do wear a mouth mask if you are ill or have a cold. As a visitor, it may be wiser to postpone a visit.
  • Anyone visiting a COVID patient must wear a FFP2 mask during the entire visit.
  • Are you hospitalised? Then wear a mouth mask when leaving the room if you have a respiratory infection (e.g. coughing).

I have suspected symptoms of the corona virus, what should I do?

Stay at home! If you have mild complaints (sneezing, runny nose, mild fever), stay at home for at least 7 days and avoid contact with other people. Fill in the self-evaluation tool (in Dutch, also available in French and German), there you will find out whether it is appropriate to have yourself tested. Do you have mild complaints? Then don't call your GP. Do contact a doctor if you have serious complaints.

Read the most recent info here.

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I have had a test, how do I find out my result?

Within an hour of knowing the result in the lab you can find the result of your corona PCR test via the MyNexuzHealth app.

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Is it safe to come to Jan Yperman Hospital?

We have done everything to make and keep our hospital a safe place for all of our patients, doctors and staff. In our hospital the COVID-19 patients and the other patients are strictly separated from each other. The waiting rooms have been extended and adapted so that you can keep sufficient distance from other patients. We strongly recommend that you closely follow the hygiene rules, both at home and in the hospital.

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Can I give birth at the JYZ and can my partner be there?

Childbirths will always be possible at our hospital. Relaxation and bath births are allowed if your gynaecologist agrees

A partner with symptoms (cough, fever, cold, respiratory problems) is tested for COVID-19. If the father proves to be positive, he should follow additional protective measures during the delivery.

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How can I reach the patient?

Send your 'warm wishes'

Now we need to keep a distance we actually want to be even closer to our loved ones. You can always send a card, drawing or message!

Do you want to comfort a member of your family, friend or acquaintance or send them a virtual hug? Send us your wishes or digital greetings card via

You can also use the Bpost app ‘Mobile Postcard’ or ‘Hallmark’ app (in Dutch) to send digital greetings cards without having to go to the post office. Send them to the JYH and we’ll do the rest!

Be sure to state the patient’s name and room number, and we will make sure that your wishes end up with the right person.

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Is the bistro/restaurant open?

The bistro is open from Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The bistro is currently closed on weekends and public holidays. On 5 March, the bistro will be open again on weekends, from 2 to 6 p.m.

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These are highly intense and demanding times for hospitals and all those working in the care sector. Can I do something to help?

Most importantly: strictly follow all hygiene and safety guidelines, both in and outside the hospital! This way you protect yourself and your loved ones, our patients and our employees and doctors!

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I have another question. Who can help me?

  • If you have general questions about the corona virus, and what you can personally do to prevent the spread, go to or call 0800 14 689.
  • Do you have any questions about your procedure, treatment, examination or consultation in the Jan Yperman Hospital, then contact the department’s or doctor’s secretariat.
  • Do you have another question for our hospital about the corona virus, call us on 057 35 35 35 or send a mail to Be sure to keep an eye on this page: it is updated regularly.
  • Follow our social media: Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Linkedin

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