G2 is the specialised department where everything is aimed at the treatment, care and support of sick older people.

Acutely ill patients are admitted to the geriatric ward with various medical problems. Geriatricians treat a wide variety of disorders, including heart, lung, stomach, bowel, kidney and brain diseases.

We are also responsible for the rehabilitation after surgical procedures. Adequate attention is also paid to psychological, social and ethical problems. Older patients are at risk of losing their autonomy due to illness, which may make it difficult to return to their homes.

In addition to curing the disease, we endeavour to preserve the patient's independence and to help them to organise assistance at home. This is how we aim to avoid re-admissions.

Where can you find G2?

Second floor west wing G-block - rooms 853 - 877

Consult the brochure here

Karen christiaens

Head nurse

Karen Christiaens

Last modified on 27 November 2023

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