Many students successfully complete their internships at the Jan Yperman Hospital. Here you will find how to apply for an internship, how to register (after approval of your internship) and which documents are useful for you.

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An internship at the Jan Yperman Hospital can be arranged at several departments. There is also the possibility of exploring the profession through work shadowing. This includes a look behind the scenes for 4 hours or a full day. Nursing students are free to work in our hospital during the holidays or at weekends.

Apply for an internship or work shadowing experience

How do you register (after approval of your internship)?

You must register at least five days before the start of your internship. This will enable us to prepare well and in good time for your arrival at the JYZ.

The data we request in advance will allow us to issue a personalised access badge, give you access to a number of relevant programmes and so on. Failure to register in advance will cause a delay in the start of your internship. Exception: work shadowing for 1 day or less.

Useful to know: with the access badge, you can drive out of the visitors' car park free of charge from day 1 and enjoy staff rates in the staff restaurant. We ask for a €20 deposit for this access badge.

Master's or Bachelor's thesis?

You also need to register if you want to apply for a master's and bachelor's thesis.

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“An internship at the JYZ is the perfect learning experience”
─ Tessa Deraedt

We would like to know what your experience is!

If you have done an internship at our hospital, we would like to know what you thought about it.

Your feedback will help us work together even better in the future. The short survey takes only a few minutes of your time.

Thank you very much for sharing your experience!

Do you have any questions?

If you have a specific question or need a document in connection with your internship, please contact your supervisor or send a message to the internship coordinator of the Jan Yperman Hospital.

View the agreement framework and the privacy regulations for trainees.

Last modified on 4 March 2024

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