The hospital has a private car park. Parking is charged (only €2) each time you enter.

  • At the entrance barriers to the hospital, press the blue button for a parking ticket. Please bring this ticket with you to the hospital.
  • When leaving the hospital, you will have to validate your parking ticket at the parking pay machine. There are two pay machines: One inside near the exit and one in front of the car park next to our shop. Inside, you can pay with coins, with €5 or €10 notes or with a debit card. Outside, you can only pay with coins.
  • After payment, the ticket machine will return the ticket which will open the barriers when leaving the car park.

For frequent visitors, discounted weekly passes (€5) are available at the reception desk.

We ask drivers to be correct and courteous. Please park only in the spaces marked with white lines and keep the spaces provided for GPs and people with disabilities free. These parking spaces are on the public road and can be fined by the police.

Parking on the parking lot of Poli Poperinge is free of charge.

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Slagboom automaat

Betaalautomaat binnen

Indoor payment terminal

Betaalautomaat buiten

Outdoor payment terminal

Last modified on 29 February 2024

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