To the Jan Yperman Hospital

Our hospital is easily accessible by car, public transport, bicycle, and on foot.

Which entrance to choose?

Our hospital’s main campus has three entrances:

  • The main entrance for pedestrians, cyclists, buses, people with disabilities and to drop off (less mobile) people: Briekestraat 12, 8900 Ypres (follow the signs ‘Hoofdingang’).
  • The visitors’ entrance giving access to the visitors’ car park: Briekestraat 20, 8900 Ypres (follow the signs ‘P Bezoekers’).
  • The emergency entrance (also the suppliers’ entrance): Pilkemseweg 84, 8900 Ypres (follow the signs ‘SPOED/Urgenties’).

On foot or by bike

The main entrance is Briekestraat 12 in 8900 Ypres. Spacious, covered bicycle parking facilities are available for visitors.

By car

To reach the visitors’ car park, use the address Briekestraat 20, 8900 Ypres. The Jan Yperman Hospital has a large car park for visitors. Read more about parking here.

The route planner below will help you plan your visit to the Jan Yperman Hospital (click on ‘Route’).

By public transport


In front of the main entrance of our hospital is a bus stop for line 95 (Ypres - Sint-Jan - Langemark - Westrozebeke - Roeselare).

More information on:

Bushokje De Lijn


Ypres station is about 2 km from the Jan Yperman Hospital. You can take bus 95 from the station to the hospital. Go to this page for the train route planner.

With our own shuttle service


A free shuttle bus runs between the main campus in Ypres and the outpatient clinic in Poperinge for patients and visitors.

  • Every hour (on the hour from 6 am to 9 pm) a bus leaves from the car park at Poli Poperinge directly to the Jan Yperman Hospital.
  • Every hour (on the half hour 6.30 am to 9.30 pm) the bus leaves from the Jan Yperman Hospital back to Poli Poperinge.

The shuttle bus only runs on weekdays, not on weekends or public holidays.

Pilot project Armentières - Ypres

Do you live in the surroundings of Aremtières and are you coming for a visit to the Jan Yperman Hospital? Then you can make use of a project that establishes a bus connection between Armentières and Ypres. The project started on the first of September and runs for a year, seeing it is still in a test phase.

The stops are the stations of Ypres and Armentières. From the station of Ypres you can go to the hospital using De Lijn (bus service). The bus with route 95 will take you to the stop on the grounds of the hospital.

The busses between Armentières en Ypres are available from Monday to Friday, 7 rides a day, mostly 1 every two hours.

You can find more information on the site of De Lijn. Take a look at the entire offer of the project here.

Armentières > Jan Yperman Hospital (Ypres)

Armentières station > bus 72 Ieper – Le Bizet to Ypres station > Ypres station > bus 95 Ypres – Sint-Jan – Langemark – Westrozebeke – Roeselare

Jan Yperman Hospital (Ypres) > Armentières

Bus 95 Roeselare – Westrozebeke – Langemark – Sint-Jan – Ieper > Ypres station > bus 72 Ypres – Mesen – Armentières > Armentières station

Last modified on 13 September 2023

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