What our colleagues say

“I have a good time at the Jan Yperman lab, we get along fabulous”
─ Evelien Hinnens, medical laboratory technologist
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“I try to treat all my patients as if they were my mum or dad. As good and respectful as I can”
─ Sofie De Rave, geriatric nurse
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“I can't imagine a different workplace. This is what I like to do, this is where I feel at home”
─ Tom Garreyn, emergency department nurse
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“Every day is exciting and brings something new”
─ Katherine Tetaert, psychologist
“I like the social contact with colleagues and during training. This way I get to know people all over the hospital”
─ Anton Gabriel, training coordinator EHR (electronic health record)

Last modified on 28 February 2022

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