Starting (or re-starting) to exercise? Make sure to do this responsibly. At our Sports Medicine Centre we no only perform effort tests, you can also come in for a thorough screening of the locomotor system. A tailor-made training programme prepares the athlete and prevents injuries.

The team

Who for?

The centre’s target group is athletes in the broadest meaning.

Dr Geert Moyaert: “We have experienced athletes who come in for an annual check-up, but also people training for a sports performance at a level they have no experience with. Even amateur athletes or people resuming their sport after a long period of inactivity benefit from screening.”


The Sports Medicine Centre provides guidance in two areas:

1. An effort test on the treadmill or on rollers

Checking a person’s general condition: oxygen consumption, lactic acid accumulation and heart rate

Brings to light any cardiac arrhythmias

Demonstrates the effort the athlete can handle

On the basis of this test, a tailor-made training schedule is drawn up

2. A screening of the locomotor system

Therapeutic part

Dr Cedric Depuydt: “Besides prevention, the Sports Medicine Centre also has a therapeutic component. Athletes who suffer a serious injury can be operated on quickly if necessary, even during weekends. This also allows them to resume their sport quickly. People who want to restart after an injury or surgery can be reassured, after being examined, that their strength and flexibility have recovered sufficiently. Or we can provide personalised rehabilitation exercises.”

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Last modified on 19 June 2023

What are the services we provide?

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