Breast cancer

Every Tuesday evening, the multidisciplinary oncological consultation (MOC) is organised by the medical oncologists of the JYZ.

The oncology nurse and the specialists involved in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer (anatomopathologist, radiologist, breast surgeon, medical oncologist and radiotherapist) are present.

The MOC offers the opportunity to pool expertise and give treatment advice based on the entire record, tailored to each patient. Your GP will also be invited to attend.


Follow-up after treatment

During and after treatment, it is important that you are closely monitored for side effects of the treatment, and to detect any relapse early on.

No metastases

If no metastases are found, you will be seen regularly during the treatment by the doctor treating you at that time (breast surgeon, oncologist, radiotherapist).

After finishing the chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy, you will continue to be strictly monitored. In the first two years, this will be on a quarterly basis, then on a six-monthly basis and after five years annually.

The follow-up consists of a blood test and clinical analyses. An ultrasound mammogram or NMR (if indicated) is also performed annually. In Belgium you will be reimbursed for these tests. Other examinations (X-ray of the lungs, liver scan, bone scan...) will only be performed in function of specific symptoms.


In metastases are found, you will also be seen by your oncologist at regular intervals during the treatment, and new tests will be performed to check whether the disease is responding/remaining under control with the current treatment.

Cancer rehabilitation - recovery after cancer treatment

70% of oncology patients suffer from pronounced fatigue after their treatment. In one in two of this group, this fatigue can persist for months, even years.

In contrast to everyday fatigue, fatigue related to cancer treatment is more drastic and has a greater impact on your physical, mental and emotional well-being. You are hindered in your normal activities, family life, returning to work, active social contacts, etc. Patients often experience this fatigue as disturbing. It greatly affects their quality of life.

Additional rest offers little or no solace, which is why we are offering you a balanced support programme that can greatly aid reintegration and recovery.

Physical training

The programme runs for 12 weeks. In consultation with the physiotherapist, a starting point will be determined for you. A maximum of eight patients can take part in each session, in order to enable optimal paramedical supervision and to leave enough room for group support. Each patient is offered an individual rehabilitation programme depending on the procedure or treatment followed. You come to the rehabilitation twice a week.

The programme consists of individual fitness training, strength training, flexibility exercises and stretching. Each session lasts one and a half hours and takes place at the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation department.

Research shows that following a rehabilitation programme shows positive results in terms of: fatigue, physical fitness, fat percentage, BMI, body weight, quality of life and emotional well-being.

Financial contribution

Own contribution after intervention by the health insurance fund:

  • with increased allowance € 4.20/session (sessions 1-18) - € 3.15/session (sessions 19-24)
  • without increased allowance € 8.40/session (sessions 1-18) - € 6.30/session (sessions 19-24)

Some health insurance funds and healthcare insurance policies offer an additional intervention from the supplementary insurance. Ask your insurance company about this.


You can start after approval from your attending physician once you have completed your entire cancer treatment. You can contact the Physiotheraphy secretariat directly on 057 35 73 80 or consult one of our patient counsellors.

Patient assistance

For further information and support during and after breast cancer treatment, please contact the support team at the breast clinic.

Last modified on 14 July 2022


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