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Liaison psychiatry aims to provide an interface between psychiatry and general medicine in the hospital and to improve the care of patients with mental and physical illnesses. Liaison psychiatry provides a 'liaison' or bridge between body and mind.

Liaison psychologen en verpleegkundige0953

Studies have shown that psychological interventions in patients with both physical and psychological problems can reduce the length of hospitalisation and the number of readmissions. That is why a liaison team is operational in our hospital.


The team is responsible for the reception and care of hospitalised patients with mental or psychiatric problems. We want to accompany these people from the very beginning of their admission. Talks can take place with the nurse or psychologist.

The different team members work together well. The team consists of:

Liaison psychologist Sien Verdru

  • They have an eye for the psychological component, both for the patient and for the relatives.
  • They are responsible for the targeted counselling or therapeutic treatment of the patient.
  • Psychoeducation can also be provided.

Psychiatric nurse Liesbeth Houzet

  • Is responsible for the triage and daily follow-up of patients with mental health problems.
  • If necessary, appropriate referrals or outpatient follow-up are provided so that the patient can continue to receive psychological support after hospitalisation.

Psychiatrist Dr. Katrien Verstraete

  • Advises the attending physician (role of consultant)
  • Consultations in relation to questions about diagnosis, treatment and medication take place 3 times a week.

The liaison team can be called in by the attending physicians, the ward's head nurses or by the patient himself. For questions concerning mood disorders, addictions, psychosomatic disorders, suicidality, grief... the team can be contacted.

In addition to caring for hospitalised patients, we also assist people who require outpatient care after their admission or people who are referred by their doctor for psychological follow-up.


Psychiatric nurse:

Liesbeth Houzet

T: 057 35 67 26


Sien Verdru and Charlotte Dejonckheere

T: 057 35 67 20


Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Programme Ypres

The Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Programme Ypres (ABA) offers a specialised group therapeutic treatment for persons with problematic alcohol use. Together with our team, you will work to achieve a sober and happy lifestyle. The foundations will be laid in a training programme which lasts seven half days.

With this self-test you can get an idea of your drinking pattern and how it is doing.

For more information and questions about the ABA, please visit the ABA website.

Last modified on 10 April 2024

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