The neonatology department specialises in the care of premature babies and sick newborns. Each baby receives expert care and the necessary attention. Parents are involved as much as possible.

The team

Access to Neonatology

Neonatology is located on route 17, at the end of the maternity corridor. This department can only be accessed after ringing the doorbell via the intercom or for the parents who have a badge.

The parents

As a parent, you are always welcome. During your stay at the maternity ward, you can reach us from your room by calling 6071. Once at home, you can contact us day and night on 057 35 60 71.

At the maternity ward, we have a parents' room where you can take a break between two care sessions.

Premature babies are very susceptible to infections. Therefore, personal hygiene is very important. We ask you to use proper hand hygiene when entering the department. Feel free to ask for a mask if you have a cold or a cold sore.

Other visitors

Your visitors are of course also welcome. Visitors sign in via the intercom. The following rules apply for the visit:
  • The family’s other children and grandparents may enter the ward once a day between 4 pm and 7 pm for 10 minutes. They must always be accompanied by one or both parents. A maximum of 3 people are allowed with the baby at the same time. You are asked not to touch the babies in the incubators and cots. Other family members and friends can admire the baby through the visitors’ aisle between 2 pm and 8.30 pm.
  • Children under 12 always should wear a face mask at all times.
  • Please pay extra attention to the health condition of the grandparents and children and postpone the visit or enter the visitors' corridor only in case of the slightest doubt (cold, cold sore ...).


During your baby's stay in neonatology, you will also be confronted with other babies there. To respect the privacy of the babies and the parents, we ask you to pay attention only to your own child. We only give information to the baby's parents, never to others.

Parent participation

Besides the medical and nursing care your baby needs, we also want to stimulate its development. For all this, a comfortable environment for the baby is very important.

We therefore attach great importance to sound and light insulation, gentle handling and good positioning of your baby. As a parent, you will be involved in this optimal care.

Your presence is extremely important. By your voice, smell and own way of touching, the premature baby will be able to get to know you. Please note that uninterrupted sleep phases are essential for your baby's further development and growth.

Whenever possible, you will be actively involved in caring for the baby in the incubator. We will help you change a nappy and feed the baby. You may also bring personal clothing. Please wash these items beforehand. Cuddly toys are not allowed in the incubator for hygienic reasons. One cuddly toy is allowed on the incubator.

In terms of quality, breast milk comes in first place. In the initial phase, your baby will not be able to drink directly from the breast yet. Therefore, we will start expressing breast milk. The expressed milk, no matter how little, is offered in a bottle. As your baby gets older, he will suck more powerfully and also learn to drink directly from the breast.

If you choose bottle feeding, we will also help you through the whole feeding process.

Kangaroo care is highly recommended for mums and dads!

We offer the possibility of kangaroo care: due to skin-to-skin contact, the warmth of your body and your smell, the baby experiences maximum security. Kangaroo care is allowed twice a day for about an hour provided your baby is stable. We recommend doing this after a feeding session. We provide a separate room for optimal enjoyment.

Last modified on 19 June 2023

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