PWGH (Psychiatric Ward in a General Hospital)

The PAAZ (Psychiatric Ward in a General Hospital) is a hospital department intended for short-term admissions of adults with mild psychiatric problems. Admission is always on a voluntary basis.

The team

What can you address us for?

We provide a variety of different therapies during the admission period. The therapy consists of a mix of group therapies and ample attention to individual and contextual therapy. The patient’s circle of support is involved in the recovery process as much as possible.

For people who have been or will be admitted to the PAAZ ward, a psychiatric consultation is available every weekday. Together with the patient, the team and their relatives, we look for the best treatment and possible follow-up care, either as an outpatient or in a specialised centre.


For PAAZ, the Jan Yperman Hospital joins forces with the Heilig Hart Psychiatric Hospital. The psychiatrists at Heilig Hart take care of the therapeutic approach and the on-call service, the Jan Yperman Hospital provides the location and a team of psychologists, psychiatric nurses and other caregivers.



  • Yentl Bulcaen
  • Sien Verdru

Social services: Lisa Lowagie

Head nurse: Annelies Lecluyse

How can you reach us?

You can always reach us on the general number 057 35 69 41 or by email.

The PAAZ department is located on the fourth floor of the Y block in the Jan Yperman Hospital, rooms 437-445.

For a consultation with the psychiatrist, you can call 057 23 91 11 (Heilig Hart).

Visiting hours

  • Mon-Tue-Thu-Fri: 16:00 - 19:30h
  • Wed-weekend-holidays: 15:00 - 19:30h

Last modified on 14 June 2023

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