Emergency medicine (emergency department)

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The emergency department specialises in urgent medical care. This may include medical assistance after an accident or after an acute illness.

The team

‘First come, first served’ is one of the biggest misconceptions in an emergency department.

In the Jan Yperman Hospital, the order of attendance depends on the seriousness of the situation. When you come in, a triage nurse will immediately attend to you. This nurse will give you a triage colour.

  • Red = life-threatening
  • Orange = high risk
  • Decreasing degree of severity: yellow, green and blue

Those who need care most urgently are always given priority. In the meantime, the triage nurse can administer a light analgesic or provide the first wound care.

It is easy to see when it is your turn. The computer screen in the waiting room indicates how many patients need to be treated before you.

The video below shows you how the triage system works and why you sometimes have to wait in the emergency department.

Huisartsenwachtpost - GP Standby service

You can contact "Huisartsenwachtpost Westhoek" for urgent health problems that you cannot wait until your GP's next working day.

Last modified on 14 June 2023

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