The emergency department of Jan Yperman Hospital is a growing department that provides high-quality and efficient emergency care 24 hours a day. This means that a team of specialised doctors, nurses and paramedics is available around the clock to receive, stabilise and treat patients with acute problems.

When will you be helped?

Naturally, our staff will do their best to keep your waiting time short and to provide you with the necessary comfort. You will be welcomed and registered at the emergency department desk. The triage nurse is notified immediately. A first important principle that we apply within emergency admission is ‘the more urgent the situation, the faster you will be helped' After a brief examination, the triage nurse will give you an identification bracelet and an urgency colour code. This code primarily determines the seriousness of your condition, but also gives an indication of the waiting time until the first contact with the doctor.

How long do you have to wait?

When staff have to perform CPR or receive ambulance and MUG calls, waiting times on Emergency can increase. Also, when many patients come to the emergency department at the same time, it can have an impact on the speed with which care is provided. Via the info screen in the waiting room we will inform you about this.

The video below shows you how the triage system works and why you sometimes have to wait in the emergency department.

Where can I find the emergency department?

Ground floor - route 66

Consult the brochure here.

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Trauma care

Trauma care

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Last modified on 14 June 2023

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