The wound care clinic has been set up for patients with complex wounds or difficult-to-heal wounds who require specialist advice. We aim to work closely with your GP and home care nurse to understand all aspects of your care. The proper healing of a wound depends on a wide range of factors, each of which plays a role and is equally important.

What are the wounds I can have checked at the wound care clinic?

You can see us for all types of wounds. In the case of new or less complex wounds, we recommend that you contact your GP first. If necessary, he/she can always refer you to us.

Some of the wounds we treat include:

  • bedsores or decubitus
  • venous ulcers
  • arterial ulcers
  • traumatic wounds
  • chronic infected wound
  • diabetic foot wounds: the diabetic foot clinic is part of our wound care clinic

Special wound care:

  • for ostomy problems, there is a separate ostomy care consultation on Thursdays (H. Terryn and abdominal surgeons)
  • for diabetic foot wounds you can also visit the diabetic foot clinic (Thursday afternoons)

What are the advantages of wound care clinic?

  • Rapid diagnostics:
    • In our wound care clinic, different specialists and paramedics work together to improve the quality of your wound care. By cooperating with surgeons, orthopaedists, internists and others, we can offer a quick diagnosis and precise treatment plan. If necessary, an duplex ultrasound of your veins and arteries can be made immediately.
  • Paramedic advice:
    • in the wound care clinic we work together with nutritionists, physiotherapists, stop smoking counsellors, etc.
  • Outpatient care with possibility of hospitalisation:
    • if necessary, we can suggest a short admission. During hospitalisation, intensive wound care and, if necessary, surgical debridement can lead to the first healing trend. Once the healing process has started, we will of course do everything to make further home care possible.
  • Access to the latest wound care techniques:
    • our wound care nurse follows the latest developments closely.


You can reach us by telephone on 057 35 72 00. You can find us every working day between 11:00 and 12:00h on route 51.

What to bring to the consultation?

Because the care of your wound is the concern of all, it may be recommended to inform your GP and home nurse (if applicable) that you are coming to the hospital. They can contribute by giving you information either by phone or in writing.

For example, we want to know what medication you are taking, what other relevant conditions you have, as well as the history of your wound and how it has been treated.

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Last modified on 27 November 2023

What are the services we provide?

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