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The strict coronavirus measures no longer apply. However, good preventive measures, such as:

Do I still have to wear a mouth mask?

Patients and visitors are no longer required to wear a mouth mask in our hospital. Some exceptions:

  • Obviously, you do wear a mouth mask if you are ill or have a cold. As a visitor, it may be wiser to postpone a visit.
  • Anyone visiting a COVID patient must wear a FFP2 mask during the entire visit.
  • Are you hospitalised? Then wear a mouth mask when leaving the room if you have a respiratory infection (e.g. coughing).

I want to be tested for corona. What do I do?

Those who still want to be tested for Corona can make an appointment at our clinical lab. This can be done via:

Results of your PCR test will also be available on the MyNexuzHealth app.

I tested positive for coronavirus. What should I do?

Are you coronapositive? Try to limit social contact for a week. Always wear an oral nose mask when in contact with other people.

I have another question. Who can help me?

  • If you have general questions about the corona virus, and what you can personally do to prevent the spread, go to or call 0800 14 689.
  • Do you have any questions about your procedure, treatment, examination or consultation in the Jan Yperman Hospital, then contact the department’s or doctor’s secretariat.
  • Do you have another question for our hospital about the corona virus, call us on 057 35 35 35 or send a mail to Be sure to keep an eye on this page: it is updated regularly.
  • Follow our social media: Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Linkedin

Last modified on 1 June 2023

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