At the Memory clinic, a multidisciplinary examination of memory issues, forgetfulness, etc. is performed.

The team consists of experts who are used to doing specific tests and assessing the results. This aims to find the cause of memory disorders that disrupt daily life.

The team

The test

Together with the psychologist, the doctor will ask you a number of questions to gain a first impression of the memory issues. This will be followed by discussions with the psychologist and occupational therapist. The psychologist will complete a number of specific ‘cognitive’ tests with you. They analyse attention, concentration and the memory function.

Next, the psychologist and occupational therapist will also talk to your live-in partner or other close relative. The psychologist looks for changes in behaviour. The discussion with the occupational therapist is intended to track down limitations in daily activities.

Using these conversations and tests they aim to describe your problems as accurately as possible to the doctor. Often the doctor will also schedule a brain scan or NMR.

What happens after the tests?

Once the results are available, the team formulates a diagnosis and treatment plan. The doctors give you and your family advice on how to deal with memory loss and the anxiety and fear this often involves.

Of course, the medical team at the Memory clinic will also keep your doctor informed of your condition, and he or she will always receive the results of the tests and proposed treatment.

Should medication for Alzheimer’s disease be prescribed, the Memory clinic will take care of the request for refunding from the health fund. In the case of early dementia, your help at home can be increased or you will be redirected to daycare or a retirement or care home.

Memory clinic

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Last modified on 12 March 2024

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