Patient associations

Disorders are of any kind or type, chronic or acute. A diagnosis can turn your world upside down and you may sometimes feel like you're on your own...

Within the hospital, you can contact your attending physician, the nurses and the patient counseling service. From our vision 'wij, gastvrij', we want to assist you and your environment as best as possible.

Need to share your story?

If you want to share your story with fellow sufferers or if you need more information about your condition and tailor-made activities, you can contact one of the many self-help groups or patient associations.

If you want to know whether your specific condition or situation has a self-help group, be sure to take a look at the Trefpunt Self-help website, because you are not alone! There you will find all patient associations and self-help groups.

Cooperation patient associations

A selection of the patient associations or self-help groups with which the Jan Yperman Hospital collaborates:

Neurology department

Maternity - pediatrics department

Gynecology department

Ophthalmology department

Nose-throat-ear department

Cardiology department

Oncology department

Urology department

Rheumatology Department

Infectious Diseases Department

Patient experience department

General internal department

If you know a self-help group in your area and would like to introduce us to your group, please contact our Patient Experience Service.

Contact us?

Patiënt Experience Officer
Annelies Dumoulin
057 35 66 42

Last modified on 19 May 2023

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