Medical Centre Diksmuide (Laure Fredericqlaan 15)

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Radiology practice

In Diksmuide, you can visit our radiology department for classic projection radiography (RX), ultrasound, mammography (+ mammoscreening Flanders), bone densitometry and conebeam CT.

Operated by Jan Yperman Hospital

On 1 September 2019, Jan Yperman Hospital signed an agreement with radiologist Wim Faes, to take over his radiology practice in Diksmuide. Doctor Faes will continue to work in the practice. In addition to him, radiologists from the JYZ (Dr Katrien Goemaere, Dr Eva Pattyn, Dr Jan Capoen, Dr Xavier Hoste and Dr Julie Desimpel) will also work there.

Little has changed about how the practice works, says Dr Katrien Goemaere, head of the Medical Imaging/Radiology department at Jan Yperman Hospital. "We make a report of examinations for the GP or specialist on the day itself. The practice is open every working day, examinations are preferably done by appointment. The third-party payment scheme also applies here."

New location

On 4 March, the move of the radiology practice, previously located on Kasteelstraat, was completed. From now on, for radiology in Diksmuide, one must be at the medical centre on Laure Fredericqlaan.

Devos Andreas

Head nurse radiology practice

Andreas Devos


In our medical centre, located in the former swimming pool 'De Kupe', you are welcome for your dialysis and kidney consultations. The nephrologists and a team of specialised nurses will take good care of you.

How do I register?

Always take your eID-card with you whenever you visit for a consultation or treatment.

  • Register at the kiosk in the entrance hall.
  • Slide your eID (= identity card) into the kiosk.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen.
  • After scanning your eID-card, instructions will appear on the kiosk screen advising you where to wait.

Map dialysis

Plan diksmuide simpel2

Head nurses dialysis

W2 A7240

Jasper Beele - Deputy Head nurse CAD Diksmuide

W2 A6449

Carine Struye - General Head nurse Dialysis


Our orthopaedists are present at Diksmuide Medical Centre on Monday, Thursday and Friday afternoons.

  • Dr. Somers: every Monday afternoon
  • Dr Hardeman: Thursday afternoons, even weeks
  • Dr Vanbiervliet/Dr Verschueren: alternately on Friday afternoons, even weeks
  • Dr. Van Der Linden: Thursday afternoons, odd weeks
  • Dr Depuydt: Friday afternoons, odd weeks

Appointments can be made via or

Psychological counselling

In collaboration with the Largo CGG, the Jan Yperman offers outpatient psychological counselling within the ELP convention on Wednesday afternoons and Fridays.

  • A programme of group sessions is also being developed.
  • Smoking cessation counselling is offered in Diksmuide on Wednesday afternoons.

Registrations can be made via

Medisch centrum Diksmuide1 min

Route system

There are destination signs in the medical centre that you can follow to the right department. When you check in at the kiosks, you can also see at the top of your ticket which waiting room you are expected in. If you have any questions, you can always go to reception, where there is a phone you can use.


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