Radiology or medical imaging is a collective term for different ways of making images of the interior of the human body. In the hospital, we perform imaging using X-rays (RX, CT, mammo, bone densitometry), radiofrequency waves (NMR) and ultrasound (echo and duplex). These techniques are usually used for examinations, sometimes for treatment.

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Why radiology?

Patients come to the hospital because they have a medical problem. Sometimes the problem is clinically obvious and the patient does not need to undergo any other tests. In other cases, there are symptoms but no diagnosis and the patient needs to be examined further. In still other cases, the patient has no symptoms but an increased risk of illness. Then, the pathology causing the symptoms of the disease will be identified. This is called screening. Medical imaging is also used to monitor how the disease is progressing.


View your images online

Click here to view the results of a radiological examination (images) via PACSonWeb. After the examination, you can ask the radiology secretariat for a letter with a personal pin code and instructions.

What can you expect from our service?

Patients do not always know which care providers they will meet at the of Medical Imagery department and how their visit will go. That's why we inform them with this short animation video.

X-rays info brochure

Read more about X-rays here (in Dutch).

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Last modified on 4 March 2024

What are the services we provide?

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