Liability of healthcare professionals and hospital

Central liability

In principle, the hospital is liable for the shortcomings of the professionals working in the hospital. This is called the central hospital liability. This means that you can file a complaint against a professional at one central point, i.e. the hospital. This does not apply to the professionals who do their job at our hospital on a self-employed basis (e.g. doctors, self-employed paramedics...)

Any complaints, whether about a staff member or an independent healthcare professional, can be addressed to the hospital's ombuds service, which will handle your complaint.

Below is an overview of the different types of healthcare professionals working at our hospital and the regulations governing their liability:

CategoryIs the hospital centrally liable?
Doctors (self-employed)No
Doctors in training (no contractual legal relationship with the hospital)No
Speech therapists (self-employed)No
Nurses, midwives and healthcare workers (employees)Yes
Physiotherapists (employees)Yes
Physiotherapists (self-employed)No
Pharmacists (employees)Yes
Clinical biologists (self-employed)No
Occupational therapists (employees)Yes
Dieticians (employees)Yes
Lab technicians (employees)Yes
Medical Imaging technologistsYes
Other professionals (employees)Yes
Other professionals (self-employed)No

Contact details

If you wish to obtain information regarding an individual professional, you can request it from:
ombuds service on 057 35 66 42 or via

Last modified on 10 May 2023

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